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We are sold out of trees for 2024 - Thank you for purchasing trees this year!
Tree Pick-Up Day change: Friday, May 3rd at the Little Falls Exchange Ice Arena!


Morrison SWCD Annual Tree Sale

We sell bundles of native tree transplants and seedlings along with native shrub seedlings and larger bare-root fruit trees.

If you want to be added to our tree sale customer list for the tree sale notice next year, please contact Jennifer at (320) 631-3552 or


You're also welcome to stop by our office at

16776 Heron Road, Little Falls, MN

to discuss what you're looking to plant and

to pick up a tree order form in person!

Orders are scheduled to be picked up on Friday, May 3, 2024

at the Little Falls Ice Arena (subject to a date change, if necessary).

Shipping is not available.


Evergreen Transplants

We sell native evergreen seedlings in bundles of 25. Most years we have cedar, balsam, spruce, tamarack, red & white pine in stock.


Deciduous Tree Seedlings

We also sell native deciduous seedlings in bundles of 25. Most years we have oaks, birch, maples, poplar, and walnut in stock.


Native Shrub Seedlings

Shrubs are also sold in bundles of 25. Most years we have chokeberry, cranberry, dogwood, elderberry, juneberry, lilac, nannyberry, and rose hedge in stock.

Tree Sale Questions?

Jennifer Knopik, Administrative Assistant

I can answer your questions regarding our annual tree sale.

Phone - (320) 631-3552

Email -


Tree Sale Disclaimers:

All stock is subject to the same condition it is received from the nurseries. Morrison SWCD does not guarantee survival, size or replacement of tree stock.

Trees are available until sold out.

Payment is due in full at the time the order is submitted.

No cancellations after February 15th.

Items purchased are for conservation purposes only.

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