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Pictures shown are mature trees for sake of reference. Semi-dwarf size when full grown.

This product is sold as a large, bareroot 5-6 foot tall tree.

(Not full grown)



Early Season

  • Fruit

  • Fruit size: 3-inch average (7.6 cm)
  • Fruit color: 60 to 85% red
  • Flavor: Most outstanding feature! Excellent sweet-tart balance with a brown sugar overtone
  • Texture: Light, crisp and juicy
  • Storage life: 2 months
  • Culinary use: Excellent for fresh eating and cooking


Disease resistance

Scab: Susceptible Fire blight: Moderate resistance


Region: Grows best in northern U.S., Canada and areas with relatively cooler climate Hardiness zones: 4b, 4a, 3b, USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map Growth habit: Upright to spreading Vigor: High in early years, but attains a spur-type habit and moderate vigor as it matures Precocity: Good on dwarf rootstocks Bloom: Very early Ripening season: EarlyFruit adherence: Good. Usually harvested in 2 pickings.


Excerpted from and for more information see the following link: University of MN - Zestar! 

Zestar! Apple

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  • All items are available until sold out and subject to change according to nursery availability. If there is a change, SWCD will notify the customer within a resonable amount of time ahead of the tree pick up date, if possible. No cancellations after February 15, 2024. All stock is subject to the same condition Morrison SWCD receives from our nurseries. Therefore, Morrison SWCD accepts no responsibility regarding survival of stock and makes no provisions for replacements.

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