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Pictures shown are mature trees for sake of reference. Semi-dwarf size when full grown.

This product is sold as a large, bareroot 5-6 foot tall tree.

(Not full grown)


Common Name: Toka plum, bubblegum plum

Scientific Name: 
Family: Rosaceae
Genus: Prunus
Species: salicina 'Toka'

Hardiness Zone: 3 to 8
Height: 15 to 20 ft
Width:15 to 20 ft

Description: Only one Toka plum is required because it self-pollinates. Tons of pollen is produced that gives you a heavy harvest of fruit that also pollinates other plum trees. The fruits ripen in August - September. The skin is reddish-bronze and the flesh of the plum is an apricot-color. It takes extremely sweet, like candy, which is why it is sometimes called bubblegum plum.

Creamy white flowers bloom in spring giving your landscape a beautiful display. The green foliage turns burgundy-purple in the autumn. Toka plum has a vase-shaped form and medium growth rate. Any soil type is fine for this tree. It like full sun to part shade, well-drained soil, and medium moisture. Toka plum was introduced in 1911, a cross between American plum and the fragrant apricot of China.


Excerpted from:

Toka Plum

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