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Pictures shown are mature trees for sake of reference. Semi-dwarf size when full grown.

This product is sold as a large, bareroot 5-6 foot tall tree.

(Not full grown)


Fireside/Connell Red

  • Very large fruit with a sweet flavor and fine-grained flesh good for fresh eating, salad, and baked apples
  • The tree is vigorous and weeping
  • Ripens mid-October


The Fireside apple tree originates from Minnesota where it has many admirers. The Fireside apple was developed in the early 1940's when the country listened to Roosevelts' "Fireside Chats" which likely beget its name. This large apple is extremely hardy. The crisp, juicy, sweet, greenish-white flesh is not flat or mealy. Flame orange striped skin over a rich yellow undercover. It is long keeping and flavorful. The Fireside aroma often fills the room when left out on the counter for the day. Demonstrates some resistance to cedar-apple rust, excellent keeper and cold hardy.


USDA Zones:  3 - 10

Low Chill: Yes

Heirloom: Yes
Uses:  Fresh Eating, Cider, Sauces, Pies

Harvest Period: Late
Bloom Period: Midseason
Pollination Requirement: Requires different variety with same bloom period
Origin Date: Minnesota 1943

Disease resistance: Good
Storage: 1 month
Rootstock: MM 111 (semi-dwarf)
Years to Bear: 2-4 years
Recommended Spacing: 12-16 ft.
Mature Size: 12-16 ft.
Water Requirements: 12-15 gallons per week May through Sept.


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Fire Side Apple

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