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Pictures shown are mature trees for sake of reference. 

This product is sold in seedling size (18-24") bundles of 25.

(Not full grown)


Family: Rosaceae
Latin Name: Prunus viriginiana
Common Name(s): Chokecherry

Deciduous or Evergreen: Deciduous
Native Range: Northeastern North America
USDA Hardiness Zone: 2-6
Mature Height: 10-25'
Bloom Time: May - June 
Native to Minnesota: Yes
Shade Tolerant: part shade, shade, sun; open woods, forest edges and openings, fencerows, riverbanks, roadsides


Chokecherry is one of the most common and ubiquetous trees/shrubs in North America. It is broadly adapted, inhabiting forestlands, prairie margins and mid-alpine regions. While its fruit is known to contain high concentrations of hydrogen cyanide, mostly in the seed, it is highly favored by birds who help spread it into human landscapes where it readily establishes. While there are several horticultural varieties selected for their dark purple summer leaves, its tendency to root sucker as well as its high susceptability to the fungal disease black knot that can severaly disfigure its branches and form have limited its use in urban landscapes. Chokecherry may be confused with a small Black Cherry tree (Prunus serotina), which has similar cylindrical flower clusters but grows well over 50 feet tall, has proportionately narrower leaves, sepals that persist in fruit, rusty colored hairs along the leaf midvien near the base, and older trees with bark having coarse, scaly plates. Common Buckthorn is also sometimes mistaken for a Prunus species. Some references list multiple variations of P. virginiana but they are not recognized in Minnesota.


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Chokecherry - bundle of 25

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