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Wrap your young tree with a spiral guard for winter protection. Sold individually. Pick up in our office or to be provided with your Annual Morrison SWCD Tree Sale order.


From November through April, you can wrap a tree’s trunk with a pvc, vinyl or wire mesh trunk protector: Bury the bottom of the tree protector in the soil about an inch, if you can without damaging roots, then wrap it up the tree trunk and then remove it in Spring (you do not want to leave it on the tree, as it can harbor insects). This can protect young trees from wildlife damage and girdling that can harm and sometime kill trees.


Young tree don’t have a thick bark layer to protect against sun scald, wildlife or human damage or winter cold damage. Thick bark on older trees is much like the calluses on human hands and feet - a layer of protection from injury. Tree guards are recommended to use on young trees, smaller than 2.5 inch diameter to prevent winter damage from wildlife. Rodents, rabbits and deer tear off bark to eat during winter when they can’t source food elsewhere.


For more information, visit this U of M Extension page:

36" Protective tree tubes

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