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Request for Proposals 

The following Request for Proposal (RFP) is being issued by the Morrison Soil and Water Conservation District (MSWCD) for exhibit design services (Exhibit Designer) for a 2,500 square foot room within a museum facility. 


The project will provide exhibit design services for MSWCD to implement an exhibit design concept plan that has been completed for an environmental learning center within the Minnesota Military and Veterans Museum to be constructed in the next two years. The concept plan will be provided to those firms that respond with a notification of interest to the MSWCD. 

Scope of Project 

The MSWCD provides leadership and direct assistance for conservation management of soil and water to all types of landowners and is the primary partner to Camp Ripley on community outreach for environmental stewardship activities. 

Camp Ripley is a state-owned 53,000-acre military training center located on the Mississippi River just north of Little Falls. While primarily a National Guard facility, it provides year-round training for all military service branches and components. Community interests across the spectrum of Minnesota life utilize Camp Ripley for its resources, expertise, and commitment to environmental stewardship. 

The Minnesota Military Museum seeks to strengthen public understanding of how armed conflicts and military institutions have shaped our state and national experience. This is done by documenting, preserving, and explaining military history as it was lived by the people of Minnesota. 

The Minnesota Military Museum is constructing a 40,000 square foot, world class museum, and exhibition space near Camp Ripely Training Center, Little Falls, Minnesota. The museum will have approximately 2,500 square feet dedicated to telling the story of Camp Ripley’s partnerships and the environmental conservation program. 

Exhibit Design Services Scope of Work 

This project will provide exhibit design services for 2,500 square foot environmental conservation and partnerships classroom to the Minnesota Military Museum.


Services to be provided will include project management services for the exhibit and media design throughout all phases of work (schematic design, design development, construction documents and construction administration during the exhibit fabrication and installation phase). 

The selected firm/team will participate with MSWCD and Camp Ripley environmental program staff, the museum construction manager to guide and coordinate the overall architectural design and delivery of the Museum project. The overall project floorplan is illustrated in Figure 1. (See below)


The exhibit designer will be expected to develop and provide the agreed-upon deliverables on schedule and on budget throughout the project, including fabrication phase. Concepts, plans, narratives, and designs will be fully developed and shall include detailed narratives and full exhibition design drawings including plan views, elevations, and exhibition object layouts, as well as specifications for exhibit graphics and label systems. The exhibit designer will also be asked to provide illustrations and presentations to support development activities for the new museum. 


The successful proposer must design the exhibits for the new museum facility. MSWCD Board of Directors, Camp Ripley Garrison Command and environmental program has endorsed the vision and plan to develop and operate this space within the Military Museum. The following design attributes are intended to showcase Camp Ripley as both a Military Training Site and State Wildlife Refuge. The following considerations will be incorporated into the new classroom displays. 


• Highlight the Natural History of Central Minnesota and the ecological uniqueness that contributes to the biological diversity. 


• Develop a timeline with descriptive events ranging from the Historic Fort Ripley to modern day Camp Ripley. 


• Describe Tribal relations with Camp Ripley as they appear today and highlight current events from Tribal partnerships. 


• Describe the interaction between military training and environmental stewardship. 


• Showcase the successful integration of conservation and natural resource protection programs with military training. 


• Communicate past and current wildlife and outreach and educational efforts conducted on Camp Ripley, including hunting programs, events, etc.


• Recognize partnerships that assist with land management activities that assist in facilitating military training. 


• Communicate programs and partnerships such as the ACUB and Sentinel Landscape programs. 

Figure 1:

Minnesota Military Museum Floorplan: This RFP is in regard to the environmental exhibit. 

RFP Figure1.jpg

The new facility will support MSWCD’s and Camp Ripley’s educational and partnerships mission, supporting a network of programs and exhibits in partnerships. Major space components are envisioned as follows: 

Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 11.09.14 AM.png

Project Schedule

The preliminary project milestone schedule is as follows: 

2024 Selection of Exhibit Designer Team 

• Exhibition design commences 


2025 Schematic Design completed 

• Design Development and construction drawings completed 

• Exhibit construction and Installation 


2026 Substantial completion of the facility 

Point of Contact

From the date of release of this RFP until Contract execution, all contact with MSWCD personnel regarding this RFP shall be made through Shannon Wettstein via email at: 

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